AS we prepare to close a chapter of Salisbury that perhaps no one could have anticipated and work together to promote all the great initiatives, events and tourist attractions that will support our local businesses through what has been an unexpected period of difficulty, we shouldn’t forget how great our city of Salisbury is and make this an opportunity to think “outside the box” on how to put the city back on its feet and rejuvenate its appeal to its residents and visitors alike.

With temporary free parking providing a short term boost for a very important economic reason, we must now plan ahead and ask ourselves how we return Salisbury to a thriving city it once was?

The answer lies within feedback that businesses and public have been great to share with us over recent weeks.

It is clear that lots of events and free parking will turn fortunes for some, but not all.

But it’s more about all round support for a raft of achievable ideas to generate regular visits and day out experiences, it’s about giving Salisbury a facelift and it’s about teamwork and a positive approach by everyone to highlight what Salisbury can offer.

We need to carefully consider the parking arrangements, maximize their potential to boost the right footfall at the right times and ensure the solution fits all.

We also need to address the road infrastructure.

Salisbury desperately needs a bypass that encourages investment, supports bus and coach access to the city, short stay parking and the park and ride sites.

Churchfields industrial estate, the hospital, the railway station and the main trunk traffic need connecting, but out of town not inside.

The city centre and the market square could be much cleaner and greener and deliver so much more with the right investment and the Maltings regeneration is a crucial part of this, but it must be right and provide a complimentary addition to the city.

We recently asked our local schools to come up with their own views on Salisbury and they have provided an eye opener to business leaders on what could be done for the future to make the city more attractive to young people as well as tourists and visitors

Employers and successful businesses will line up to invest here once they see through the current smokescreen and what potential there is and there is no better time than now for us all to work together, make this happen and rediscover our city.


President, Salisbury & District Chamber of Commerce