A PLASTIC kiosk for the Cathedral's traffic wardens? Aping the monstrosities at Blenheim and Highclere? What next.

Even having a wooden one is feeble.

No no, here surely is a golden opportunity for the Cathedral to do something special to restore the sadly soiled image of our violated city.

Let's have a stone kiosk in-keeping with the beautiful building behind it.

Stone, with a touch of the Early English Gothic's, lead drainpipes complete with gargoyles and definitely a touch of stained glass somewhere!

It would be much much more expensive than wood or plastic but think of the publicity, the controversy, the interest and astonishment such a project would arouse.

Some of the cost might be shared. In the cathedral tower there are two fine wooden circular stairs.

I believe the students in the building department of Salisbury Technical College had some part in their construction.

Then of course there is the Cathedral's very own works department.

Maybe, out there, resides a millionaire who would give a substantial donation if he was promised he would have his name carved in stone over the front of it. Visitors could be politely invited to make a donation. Etc.

Name and address supplied.