DO those people, when asked their opinion on the work that the specialists and others are doing, in trying their best to make our city safe again, think what effect their negative responses might be having on the brave men and women tasked to carry out their duties on our behalf?

To hear such negative comments as "they haven't a clue what they are doing", "headless chickens", and "they are not telling us anything" is really grating, especially from people who probably do not have a clue what they are talking about, it must be very disheartening to the scientists at Porton Down, the military, and the police.

It is almost as though they are trying in some way to apportion some of the blame of the problems we face away from the real culprits, Mr Putin and The Kremlin.

In short I would say to those people, please stop your self-promoting sniping and get 100 per cent behind those trying their utmost to get our city back to normal.

Laurence Browne