I WAS very pleased to read the letter last week from Andy Rhind-Tutt, President of the Salisbury and District Chamber of Commerce, on how the city can get back on its feet following the incident on March 4.

I also welcome the fact that the government and Wiltshire Council are both committed to a number of measures which will help boost the local economy in the short term.

But we need to be thinking about the medium to long term too, when the international media spotlight has moved on to other issues.

Andy was spot on in suggesting that Salisbury needs more investment in its road infrastructure.

Our city needs to be known for its cathedral, museums, and a bustling retail and hospitality sector, not gridlock, tailbacks and air pollution.

I have been pressing my colleagues in the Department for Transport and Highways England to ensure that the A36 is prioritised for extra investment.

It’s also critical that the redevelopment of the Maltings remains firmly on track.

The project’s unique blend of leisure, retail and housing will be important in putting Salisbury on the map and encouraging further investment.

We need to create a city that works for everyone – local residents and tourists – and to ensure that Salisbury bounces back even stronger than before.

John Glen

Salisbury MP