SADLY, I have been reading about the effects of Russian spies’ attempted murders in Salisbury and the impact it has had on tourism and businesses.

Well before this happened hadn’t the people of Salisbury been aware of the steady decline in their lovely city anyway?

If a shop closes, then it seems to automatically become another eating and drinking restaurant or coffee bar.

What a welcome to visitors entering Salisbury by train? The underpass at Salisbury station is a disgrace and there is often rubbish around the station’s perimeter plus the dirty paths leading under the bridge to the nearest bus stop.

Similarly, by road. The once proud roundabouts with pretty flower beds or rose gardens are either now non-existent or badly cared for.

Surely all those large supermarkets, or Tesco itself, might sponsor the large roundabout near to them on the Southampton Road.

Which leads me on to all the roads leading in and out of Salisbury where rubbish is discarded in the lay-bys.

The Southampton Road hedge rows have been full of litter for many a month.

On the A36 leading to Bath there are large round tinned barrels which are very rarely emptied.

As I use that road twice a week I see rubbish from the overflowing bins scattered everywhere as they are not emptied very often.

I think that they should be removed.

As I recall there have been letters about this in the Journal before.

Slightly further afield, all lay-bys on the A303 near Stonehenge are also often full of litter. We must ask ourselves: “What must our overseas tourists think?”

I guess it will be said it’s lack of money.

However, it would be interesting to know when they should be cleared. We could then see that they are right some of the time. As a first step perhaps the plan could be published?

In passing, we are fortunate to still have a beautiful Cathedral and the magnificent houses and museums around the Close.

If we are not careful attendance in these areas will continue to decline as people vote with their feet and never get this far in.

Come on Salisbury City Council make us proud of Salisbury again.

Name and address supplied