WHATEVER theory people have about the Skripal poisoning we still don't know who actually did it.

We are force fed the answer that it was the Russians, no two ways about it. Maybe so a rogue Russian element but I doubt it was signed off by the Kremlin or Putin.

Maybe the truth will someday come out.

Timeline-wise however, and contrary to a suggestion in one of last week's letters, our politicians WERE to all practical intents and purposes 'involved' from the very start of this poisoning and not 'significantly afterwards when the Skripals were in intensive care' (which was of course the same day, only just a couple of hours after their being found comatose) .

Politicians of every political shade and across Europe were pulling the strings from day one of this poisoning story and have been doing so ever since, trying to exert their influence, motivated primarily in the UK by Mrs May's desire to satisfy the EU.

Despite her reassuring words about leaving her heart still isn't in it and her weakness and lack of action betrays her.

Our police chiefs, lead scientists and everyone else do exactly as they are told they react as they believe to be politically expedient for fear of their jobs.

It is an establishment and a Brexit stitch up, not a desire to uncover the truth.

G Gaydon