I AM glad to read in last week’s paper (May 24) that our esteemed Member of Parliament is so enthusiastic about the new Wiltshire Creative and indeed takes some credit in his role as Minister for Arts, Heritage and Culture.

Perhaps he might like to have a word with some other members of Her Majesty’s Government, especially Mr Gove, about the total lack of support the current government is showing to the arts in education.

Despite many studies which prove beyond doubt the benefits of music in education and its knock on effect on students' well-being and learning ability, the current Conservative government seems determined to virtually eradicate music and instrumental teaching from state education.

The people who are now performing and providing the resources to enable such things as the Wiltshire Creative can not go on forever.

Where does Mr Glen think their successors will come from if the current destruction of arts education is allowed to continue?

Susan Hobkirk

Salisbury Journal