ACCORDING to Mr Geoff Edwards (Postbag, October 25) I am an ego-enhancing councillor. I certainly did not become a councillor to enhance my ego.

I represent the residents of St Edmund and Milford ward here in the city. All my fellow councillors having been elected, want to try and improve the city. We have made a good start by spending money on enhancing the market square and not our egos. I know it’s not perfect but at least we have stood by our pledge made in the last local election, to clean up the city. I feel I have a civic responsibility and not to enhance my ego I would be happy to meet Mr Edwards to discuss his point that there are too many food outlets in the city – my fellow councillors Atiqul Hoque, Amanda Foster and myself are holding an open surgery on Saturday, November 10 in the library between 11am and midday where we can discuss this issue and anything else that people are concerned about.

Cllr Liz Sirman