I HAVE a few facts for James Bass, one of many remouners that refuse to pick up their teddies from the corner and back the country as we LEAVE the EU.

He trots out the usual loser statistics but refuses to take on board the real facts! 1.3 million MORE people voted to leave than stay. Of course the losers like to think the people that didn't vote were all remainers. What planet are you on, it shows how out of touch you are.

Then they say we were told lies, well for once you are telling the truth. Do you remember Project Fear designed to scare us from voting to leave.

Just in case you have forgotten, there was to be an emergency budget the next day!. Didn't happen,

We would go into a recession, again to scare voters, again didn't happen!

Unemployment would rise by 800,000. Unemployment has fallen every quarter since and is now at it's lowest since the 1970s.

The governments propaganda million pound leaflet that enthused about staying, said income tax would have to rise by 8p in the pound. Another outrageous lie.

So on to the leave bus, the wording was messy but was the truth.

When we leave we will not have to send the EU any money. Try and understand this, we are the EU's second largest Net contributor after Germany

In 2016 we paid the EU £13.1 billion pounds that year ( this is after the £4 billion rebate!!!!!! ) and EU spending on the UK was forecast to be £4.5 billion.

You can see why the EU is so scared that we will leave and the bickering in this country just emboldens them. They will be worse off if there is a no deal brexit.

WE had a democratic vote that unfortunately the remouners cannot believe they lost. Loser marches will not change views although it must have been a nice day out for everyone! The Met Police estimated, after a freedom of information request, at 25,000 probably including five or six that voted leave!

Steve Baldock