A GILES cartoon for May 23, 1945, has four grim German POWs being marched out of a railway station. A little man pushing a pram, his large wife adorned with a ridiculous floral hat, carry buckets and spades and little Union Jacks. His numerous gawping progeny are in the pram and under his feet. He remarks to the prisoners, 'I bet you think it funny that a bloke like me can choose a government wot I like'.

I chose Brexit. It's not funny. I am alone in my family; a grumpy old chump.

Choosing leaders is no laughing matter. Adolf was voted in. Winston was voted out. Donald was voted in! I voted for John Glen. I voted for my Euro MP too; but he/she has always been resolutely invisible.

Mrs May grimly pursues her stoney road keeping on, keeping on. Brussels uses every strategy they possess to make it stonier. Brexit looks horrible now. What about having a second referendum, so lucidly championed in last week's Journal?

I think this. Why are those charming, clever mandarins in Brussels, chosen by nobody, weaving an ever thickening web of bureaucracy around us, so adamant are they that they will smash us before they let us leave them? Power corrupts.

If it comes to it, I will vote Brexit again.

Tom Ridout