THE letters in the Journal of last week were critical of John Glen. I have to disagree. He is different than any other MP we have had in the past but I think he is more honest than any we have had before.

The Remainer critics had their mail in also last week, just at the wrong time for them as it was on the day announced we will be finally out of the EU soon. The day following also made news that Italy will break away and it is rumoured that even more countries are dissatisfied too. A few weeks ago one eastern country advised the EU should appoint GB as protector of the EU's borders. Was this why they tried to hold us back from leaving?

The fact that Remainers staged a large crowd in London failed to mention that a few turned up for the Out lot!

John Glen at the beginning announced he would vote Remain.

At long last, we are to be free to manage our own affairs and perhaps write our own Human Rights Act! Where it would be most welcome.

The one thing our country must act on is to get back to training our own people as if we really mean it and take a lesson from Germany that is really good at what they do! In Germany, if you are selling a service you must be qualified at what you claim you are! Bricklayer, electrician, mechanic, etc. No excuse have your qualifications ready! No trouble in the construction Industry there. No construction bosses earning £74 million in bonus either!

Perhaps then we will not have to depend on migrants from other countries to fill the gaps! Mr Cameron when in power gave the tools to Trades we are short of the ability to get trained all those areas where it used to rely on universities at massive costs are not the only way forward! 25 per cent of nurses left uni last year because of costs as they figured out that they would never own a house with a mortgage and a massive loan to pay off. Universities are now paying the cost as students just don't sign up!

The government cries out for builders. The companies we had in Salisbury in the sixties were numerous and skilled! They are not here now! The big named Builders are registered in towns many miles away and they do not take apprentices only part skilled and many from overseas.

The same builders now are professional bankers and insurances companies and investment professional investors with company fronts that look like builders! Sites now have to turn out the number of units as dictated by their head office with no excuses. That's how you earn £75 million a year in bonus! That is why we have no local builders who can compete. This is now the name of the game were in!

John Wigglesworth