YOUR correspondents Messrs Bass and Curbishley are a classic example of bad losers. How can they be so arrogant in thinking the second time the vote will go their way? Do they not have the common sense to realise that me and my fellow ignoramuses might well be just as adamant the second time round? What happens if we do win again? Best of five? Can they please stop this single cry about the slogan on the side of campaign buses. It was no more (or less) than a slogan. Do I believe that Persil washes whiter than Daz? Of course not.

But they are right in the fact that there were several things we did not know when we voted. We did not realise that our allies from Western Europe would now become our enemies. We did not realise how useless at negotiating our elected politicians were. We did not realise how inept our civil service was. We did not realise the level of hostility the aforementioned and their street protesters were capable of.

However what we did realise is that our country cannot sustain the current and foreseeable constant population growth. We did want to have our sovereign rights returned. It was obvious that we would suffer financial losses in the early stages until we got back on our own two feet again.

Maybe we are not capable of looking after ourselves. Maybe we will make mistakes in the future, but if we do we will have the opportunity to vote out the offending party. Our future will not be decided by some unelected European or guided by a French President who is hardly capable of maintaining his popularity in his own country or chided by a German Chancellor who has caused the greatest human exodus in history to bolster her country’s workforce and then expect every other member country to pick up the excess

Before the referendum I said to a friend who was an ardent pro EU supporter that if, in the (unlikely) outcome of the vote going my way, his supporters would never stop complaining. I never thought they would cry for so loud in my wildest imaginations.

Robin Wrigley