IN response to James Bass, who is obviously a disgruntled Remainer, I would ask whether he would have supported a second referendum if the result had gone his way and a Brexiteer had wanted another vote? I would also ask whether anyone in their right mind would choose to join the EU now as it would be compulsory to also join the Euro. The politicians in France and Germany are desperate to keep it alive as they are the main beneficiaries at the expense of the the UK and Italy as the only other net contributors. He is though quite right to say that when information and experience changes, so do people's minds. Most of us who voted to joint the Common Market learned that it was a con perpetrated by our own government at the time and are determined to leave and take our chance on the world stage. Most Remainers, as he acknowledges, are frightened of the future outside the EU. I would say one thing to this. Fortune favours the brave.

Michael Glover