Annie’s right! (Opinion 8th November).

With the enormous financial and operational pressures on both GP surgeries and our NHS hospitals there is absolutely no excuse for failure to advise when an appointment cannot be attended.

Indeed, the thought that one person’s selfishness might conceivably lead to his neighbour failing to get essential treatment in time is perhaps the most powerful condemnation of this trait.

Wake up.

In spite of such widespread selfishness, my recent experiences demonstrate just how wonderfully our GPs and NHS can and do look after us.

3 months ago a morning phone call to Fordingbridge Surgery to report a short period of speaking ‘gobbledegook’ resulted in an appointment with a Doctor within 60 minutes.

3 hours later I was seen by a stroke consultant in SDH who set up brain and neck scans, an ECG heart trace and blood tests.

I was home by teatime.

Within 14 days further scans had revealed that my problem was not stroke related, but due to a brain tumour.

My file was transferred to the Neurological team in Southampton and the specialist teams in that hospital have proved just as effective with my Radiotherapy course now complete.

At every stage of this difficult journey the medical staff at all levels have nurtured and supported me as if my care was their only objective.

So a huge cheer for them please.

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