The Journal Postbag rightly draws attention more to local rather than national or even international issues and it was not my intention to prolong unduly the Brexit debate, simply to give some balance to John Glen’s weekly column.

However, as the UK increasingly appears to appeal for a further referendum and while I do accept many of the counter-arguments put forward by your correspondents, there were two important parts to my original letter which were edited out and in so doing gave the wrong impression of my own stance on the EU.

Firstly I said that “Every five years or less the electorate gets the chance to change its government, to change its mind perhaps from the previous opportunity in 2016 and indeed 2017.”

Also I wrote that “I voted in favour of Brexit but hoped not at any cost and did the same in 1975 but, have no fears, I shall not be seeking a fourth referendum!”.

This hopefully tells any detractors which way my vote would go again if invited.


Fonthill Bishop