Here is a scenario to consider: you are leading a walking group in the mountains; the group have been promised a life enhancing day with lovely views.

You come to a section of the route you do not recognize (you didn't do a proper recce-shame on you).

You are on steep, rocky ground, the path is unclear, and conditions are worsening.

Do you: A) Press on regardless, fingers crossed, hoping you will be OK, but with a significant risk of harm to your group.

B) Take a less exciting but safe path.

You know that you will get complaints from many of the group, (and negative reviews on Trip Advisor), but you know that you will be able to guide the whole group safely home.

Which route would you take? Is A) brave, or foolhardy? Is B) cowardly, or wise?

I know what my choice would be.

DC Coatham