STEPHEN Henry’s letter (Postbag, November 29) concerning John Glen’s decision to support the government or, as Stephen might put it, Theresa May’s Brexit plan.

His suggestion that John Glen has only his own interests at heart and not that of his constituents is offensive at worst and demeaning at best.

Considering that the MP vote is not until December 11, how can Mr Henry claim that the 650 MPs at the House of Commons are overwhelmingly against the plan?

Is he clairvoyant?

Yes Mr Henry, you may well speak for 20 or so constituents who you know oppose the plan but no way do you speak for or know the opinions of 68,000 Salisbury constituents?

John Glen is a very active constituency MP who has steadily supported the city through all the trials and tribulations that followed the attempted assassination of Skripal, his daughter and the murder of one of its citizens. For these reasons our MP must surely be in a far better position to judge his constituency opinion than an embittered constituent living in the sticks.

Given the choice between a conscientious, hard-working member of Parliament and a career politician (Stephen’s choice of words not mine) give me the former every time. To have then combined in one representative is a bonus especially if he has the ear of his paymaster (again Stephen's choice) to help promote Salisbury’s slow and hesitant recovery from its Annus Horribilis. Besides, what has Stephen got against career politicians? Any job worth doing is surely a career?

Nigel Walsh