OUR local MPs have their reasons for wanting to support Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement although they acknowledge that it is flawed. In particular it ties the UK to Brussels EU final control. It is essential that the United Kingdom remains free to take our own decisions. That is what Brexit is about.

Theresa May has been manipulated by the Brussels EU. They started with their insistence right at the outset of negotiations for an acceptance of the Irish Border issue on terms which they knew were wholly unacceptable to the United Kingdom. The Prime Minister does not even appear to understand the issue because she is the problem. She is calm, patient and looks nice which means she receives sympathetic admiration. Unfortunately she does not grasp the actual Brexit sovereignty situation which requires the UK to escape from the political appointees who control Brussels EU before they do more harm to us (and the other 27). The proposal to allow them to control whether we leave the treaty is unacceptable.

David Arundale