Whereas I agree with Chris Counsell (Postbag, December 6) that the deal with the EU as proposed is disastrous, I do not with his comments thereafter.

I am of a generation that enthusiastically voted for the Common Market all those years ago as it was primarily to open up trade.

Since then we have had to endure an organisation to whom trade is an irritation.

Bureaucracy reins.

Why should we wish to remain in the EU?

Greece has been subjugated, Italy, a founder member and net contributor, has serious budgetary issues, the eastern European countries constantly flout European regulations and France, whose president is a major flag-bearer for the project has a constant battle at home, in every sense.

This is hardly an encouragement for ever closer union and if we were to remain I am sure there would be renewed pressure for us to join the Euro.

Not I believe likely to be received willingly by the voters of this country.

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Brian Edgeley