YOUR report last week of how Salisbury is such a lovely place to visit and rides high on the list of tourist magnets above the likes of Winchester is frankly mind boggling. It was very kind of the gentleman from France to endorse this view but I still don’t agree with the opinion. He starts by talking of how he remembers the place back in the sixties and there I agree with him.

On Tuesday this week I parked my car in West Harnham (thus avoiding the punitive car parking fees) close to where I was born and spent my schooldays and walked across Town Path. I used to cycle that path on my way to primary school in St Paul’s. There again I can concur with this gentleman that the scenery and views of the cathedral are second to none. But once I walked up Mill Road to the railway station the situation changed dramatically. Fisherton Street is a dump devoid of any attraction what-so-ever and remember this is what visitors arriving by train are going to see.

Actually I was on a mission to seek out some nice old pubs and restaurants for some friends from Shaftesbury who are planning a visit to the town next month. I did my best to make it sound positive but believe me it took a lot to avoid downright negativity.

Please do not allow your newspaper to delude its readers in to believing this once beautiful city to be described in such glowing terms because it isn’t. The plans that this misguided city council and planners have in mind for the place will make it even worse. No endorsements from Trowbridge will change that.

I fully realise that it is too late to derail the proposed plans the developers have but for heaven’s sake bear in mind the chaos and tragedy that this council has created in the past ten years or more. Be very mindful of what you wish for.

Robin Wrigley


n Editor's note: If you disagree with Mr Wrigley and think Salisbury is a lovely place, please do write in to share your views