PEOPLE visit the cathedral for the following reasons. They wish to worship at one of the daily or special services. They want to absorb the architectural beauty and history of the building or to hear well played concerts. Some come to seek solace or to discuss an overwhelming problem with a priest. For all these people a display of art can be of interest or irrelevant. In my experience very few visitors make a special visit to see these items. A notable exception to this rule was the show of flying doves after the unhappy Russian poisoning episode which had a remarkable and helpful effect in the city.

Since then the exhibitions have grown larger and the most recent arrival is positively invasive because the glowing scarlet strips appear all over the nave. I find it unhelpful during services. I do not think it is the artist's intention but for me these colours symbolise danger or rage and thus are inappropriate during the Eucharist. Fortunately it is possible to find places in the nave where they are not visible.

I trust the Dean and Chapter will consider smaller exhibitions in the future and leave the unique and glorious structure of the cathedral to continue to offer it's uplifting message of hope without distractions.

Jo Caunt