A36 College roundabout, another Salisbury betrayal.

Back in 1936 when New Bridge Road was built, forward thinking planners made sure it was built wide, to give enough space for extra lanes in the future.

In the 60s these newly built ring roads were all intended to be dual carriageways, and since then our wondrous highways department has deliberately diminished the A36 there to single lanes, resulting in a bottle neck and queue's as far back as Pepperbox Hill, with no escape.

Surely a simple solution would be to carve another lane along each side, from Petersfinger to the college roundabout, there being plenty of room on the wide pavements and grass verges, thereby allowing traffic heading for Downton Road, Blandford Road and Harnham (with new housing imminent) an unhindered flow past the roundabout bottleneck, and gridlock mentioned by Jacqueline Exley's letter (Postbag, March 14).

Better still get on and build a road on stilts across the meadows, from Petersfinger to Downton Road, the former being a cheaper option.

Or is the congestion deliberate?

Ray Hand