Alderbury is coming under attack from aggressive, antisocial and greedy developers.

Our local laird Longford is seeking to impose a 60-houses development on a piece of land outside the housing boundary in an inaccessible area next to a major road and the local primary school.

This has been totally against the wishes of the Parish Council and the local residents.

It would also seem to be against the housing needs for the area as identified by Wiltshire Council.

Local services are already overloaded, and the village has been subject to considerable housing infill.

Another individual has destroyed a large area of woodland in the centre of the village leaving a scene of utter devastation.

This work has lasted for more than a year now causing acute misery for the surrounding homes.

Fires, noise, dust, water runoff and distress has been caused.

We now have a wasteland with piles of rubble surrounded by security fencing.

The whole process is surrounded by rumour and a a lack of information.

There has been very little discussion of these developments by our Parish Council.

Residents are very angry that our local environment is being severely degraded.

Ken Carley