I WAS dismayed to read that the Dean of Salisbury Cathedral, the Very Reverend June Osborne had publicly supported Dr Rowan Williams over his speech calling for parts of Sharia law to be incorporated into British Law.

Rev Osborne says Dr Williams may have been "politically naïve" and that "the law of Britain has got to work within he very high standards of human rights and Christian principles".

I would suggest Rev Osborne is also naive. How can she back Dr Williams and call for human rights in the same context?

What about Muslim women's human rights and the right to a fair, transparent and regulated trial?

Rev Osborne - you are out of touch with public feeling.

The laws of this land are based in Christianity and we are a tolerant and welcoming society. We cannot accommodate the laws and customs of all the different faiths who choose to make their home in our country.

We should find ways of working and living together without compromising our own.

DEBBIE ROCK, Salisbury