THOSE of us opposed to the slaughter of our native wildlife want to see thorough research, published factual conclusions and undeniable proof that badgers are responsible for bovine TB.

So far, all research leads to the conclusion that cattle movement transmits the disease.

We want to know the statistics from the department of the environment, food and rural affairs of the annual culls they have carried out.

How many badgers were trapped and/or killed and how many of those were found to have bovine TB?

Badgers do suffer from the disease, I understand, but did they contract this from cattle?

Why are there farms/areas where neither badgers nor cattle have bovine TB?

Are these perhaps better-managed farms; are the cattle less stressed, perhaps?

Finally, if as is proposed, farmers are given licence to kill badgers, they will use any method that is cheap.

I am told they gas the animals by directing exhaust fumes into setts.

Healthy badgers will be eradicated. There will be nothing to stop farmers from exterminating every badger in the UK if they are given the green light.

Whatever the need, the government must take responsibility for the control of all activities relating to bovine TB.

MO NORRINGTON, Blackdog Hill, Studley