IN the last few years the use of farrowing crates has been banned, the veal calf pens have also been banned. This year, the use of battery cages has also been banned.

So can anyone please explain to me why dairy cows that produce our milk, are being so badly treated?

On some farms they are being what they call zero grazed, which means that they don’t go out to graze grass, which is their natural food in the summer months.

Also, on some farms the cows are milked three times a day, just to get the most from them. I know of some farms where they don’t even have enough grass to make the cows silage so they make them whole grain silage or maize silage, this is a good diet but not walking the fields grazing.

I don’t think that this is being very animal friendly, as cows in my mind should be out in the field grazing and producing their milk naturally.

I have worked all my life with livestock and would never knowingly let an animal suffer.