A COFFEE trailer has moved to a different park in a bid to avoid burglars after he was targeted twice in one month.

Mr Beans opened in Elizbeth Gardens on Monday, October 30, after striking a relocation deal with Salisbury City Council.

Owner Nikolay Velkov hopes his business will be safe as it's in view of onlooking houses and a CCTV camera oversees the nearby car park.

His first week at the new location has been "very quiet", he said: "If we survive this winter we should be okay.

"I hope to have more customers. Everything needs time."

Salisbury Journal: There is a seating area around the trailer.There is a seating area around the trailer. (Image: Salisbury Journal)

Thieves took around £2,500 worth of equipment and stock from the mobile coffee shop during burglaries on September 14 and August 22.

No action had been taken and the burglars were never caught.

Most of the stolen supplies have been replaced, leaving Mr Velkov out of pocket, but he's still borrowing an expensive coffee grinder from a friend.

Following the thefts, he now packs his equipment into his car and takes it home each day in a bid to avoid falling victim for a third time.

Salisbury City Council has been contacted for comment.