A NEW coffee shop with a motorcycling flare is set to replace a former family butchers - and it will sell vegan food.

Work has begun at 5 Fish Row after Bournemouth-based freelancer Gavin Robinson bought the site with hopes to transform it into a place for people "from all walks of life".

The idea to open Ride Coffee and Moto Cafe was born from Gavin's passion for motorcycles combined with a desire to try something new after 20 years in the landscaping industry.

Following a day trip to Salisbury with his parents last July, Gavin saw the empty building up for sale and "felt drawn to it".

"I just liked the look of it, the high ceilings, the history. I thought it was a cool building," the 42-year-old said.

Salisbury Journal: Gavin Robinson has been to work in the former family butcher's.Gavin Robinson has been to work in the former family butcher's. (Image: Newsquest)

Gavin, who rebuilds and customises motorbikes in his spare time, plans to display some of the bikes he’s worked on and sell his own fashion line of t-shirts in the shop.

Food, including vegan options, will also be sold in the former butcher's building.

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The interior decoration at Ride will be industrial-style and Gavin aspires to retain some of the old butcher’s history, such as turning the metal spiralling staircase into a “statement” living pillar.

“I put all my savings into buying the property so I'm working out where I can cut corners and where I can splash out a bit more," he explained.

Salisbury Journal: The building has hundreds of years of history.The building has hundreds of years of history. (Image: Newsquest)

Hoping to separate himself from some of the "run-of-the-mill coffee shops" dotted around Salisbury, Gavin plans to roast his own branded coffee out back which would be used in his drinks.

While he plans to open the shop at the end of spring this year, he isn't holding himself to any deadlines, he said: "I think when you have a plan you make mistakes. You have to change things and adapt."

Gavin is working round the clock to do all the renovation work himself and aims to create "a successful business that draws in people from all walks of life".

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Feeling as if the opportunity was now or never, Gavin said: “If I didn’t do it now I might never have gotten the chance to do something so I jumped into it. 

“I want to do some classes in the coffee roastery where people can make their own coffee and yoga classes can use the space after hours. 

"I just want to bring something that the whole community can get involved with and use."

Progress of the renovations are being documented on Ride's social media page.