A new Mediterranean restaurant has opened to the delight of the business owner.

Charlie's Kitchen opened on Monday, June 10 at 4A and 4B Endless Street, opposite Saray Kebab & Pizza.

The business had planned to open on May 27, but after a delay in installing a beer pump, the opening was pushed back a number of weeks.

Owner of the business, Dogan Bilgic, 36, from Salisbury is also the owner of Charlie's store and Charlie's Cafe, making the kitchen the third 'Charlie's' business in the area.

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The inside of the restaurant has an seating plan for around 100 people, including a spacious cocktail bar and kitchen as well as facilities including accessible toilets, and a baby change space.

The restaurants boasts an extensive menu and drinks selection, with up to 30 cocktails available on the menu, but up to 100 able to be made by Charlie's Kitchen's professional mixologist, who has over 10 years experience in the industry.

Staff from Charlies Kitchen following the restaurants openingStaff from Charlies Kitchen following the restaurants opening (Image: Newsquest)

All of the products cooked will be fresh, with Dogan saying that the restaurant will be using no frozen products and will instead be getting fresh ingredients delivered daily.

The food is also cooked over coals as opposed to traditional ovens and stoves, which Dogan said enriches food, increasing the nutrient value in its dishes.

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Dogan said: "We've curated what we see as a healthy menu and think we have the right idea of mixing fresh produce with traditional cooking methods to cook up some delicious meals for you to enjoy."

The restaurant windows are bi-fold doors which can be opened out in the summer, allowing customers to sit in the fresh air while still under the cover of the restaurant in true Mediterranean style. Charlie's Kitchen will also offer free wifi to its patrons and will not offer a takeaway option, saying the presentation of the food and eating in a restaurant is part of the experience, and can even affect the taste.

Dogan added: "We're thrilled to be opening. Charlie's has become a recognised name in Salisbury and its great we can add to what we already have with the opening of this restaurant. It has a lovely feel and look to the place, and we have a fantastic fresh food and drink menu to look through which we think really does offer something delicious for everyone.

"We're so proud, so come on in, say hello and try us out. I'm sure you won't be disappointed!"

The restaurant will be closed on Sunday but will otherwise be open between Monday and Saturday, from 11:30am until midnight.