TWENTY-NINE takeaways or sandwich shops in Salisbury and South Wiltshire were given a rating of five

The rating by the Food Standards Agency is the highest possible, and means hygiene standards are very good.

See how other takeaways in the area stacked up here.

Takeaways rated five and the date of their last inspection

Domino’s Pizza, Amesbury. January 2018.

Amesbury Chippy, Amesbury. March 2018.

Amesbury Fish Bar, March 2018.

Harlees Fish & Chips Ltd, Amesbury. March 2017

Noble House, Amesbury. March 2017.

The Kebab House, Redlynch. March 2017.

Victoria House Chinese Takeaway, Tisbury. June 2018.

A&C Kiosk, Salisbury. August 2016.

Golden Inn, Redlynch. March 2017.

Lees Fish & Chips, Salisbury. October 2017.

Spinnaker Fish Bar, Downton. March 2017.

Amigos Pizza, Salisbury. February 2018.

Britz, Salisbury. February 2018.

Charcoal Grill, Salisbury. October 2016.

Chikoland, Salisbury. February 2018.

China City, Salisbury. March 2018.

Domino’s Pizza, Salisbury. February 2018.

Doorsteps, Salisbury. November 2016.

Frys Fast Foods, Salisbury. March 2018.

Greggs, Salisbury. August 2018.

Hoi Fan, Salisbury. March 2017.

Mani’s Food Bar, Salisbury. June 2017.

Papa John’s Pizza, Salisbury. July 2016.

Pizza Hut, Salisbury. June 2017.

Saffron, Salisbury. April 2017.

Snack Packers, Salisbury. January 2018.

The Heart of Salisbury, Salisbury. October 2016.

The York Roast Company, Salisbury. June 2017.

New Wongs Garden Ltd, Fordingbridge. November 2016.