BURSTING with magic, romance and of course the search for a slipper, watching Ballet Cymru's rendition of Cinderella added the fairy tale feel to a dreary weekday evening.

The Grimm Brothers' adaptation of Cinderella, performed at Salisbury Art Centre this week, was a refreshing change to the renowned Disney classic, albeit with many more dark yet comical twists.

Following the heartbreak of her mother's death, the piece begins with Cinderella, performed by Maria Teresa Brunello, living with her father, his new wife, Aerona, and naughty, comedic step siblings, Seren and Cas.

Already not shy of changing things up, what is two step sisters in the traditional tale turns out to be one stepsister and one stepbrother in the dance company's version, played by Xolisweh Richards and Alex Hallas.

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Like the story we all know and love, after Cinderella is told by her evil stepmother, played by Isobel Holland, that she is forbidden to attend the prince's masquerade ball, she receives a visit from a flock of birds, replacing the classic role of fairy godmother, who present a dress and slippers to the damsel so she can dance the night away.

Realising the man she is falling in love with at the party is none other than Prince Madoc (Miguel Fernandes), Cinders dashes from the scene, leaving only a single slipper as evidence she was ever there.

Choreographed by Darius James and Amy Doughty, no voiceover is necessary as the love story is flawlessly told through lifts, turns, circus stunts and pointe work.

It can be hard to interpret a story through dance, but how the cast embodied their characters allowed even the dance novice to understand what was going on, in particular Kyrstal Lowe, blending traditional ballet style with her role as lead bird.

Projections of light were cleverly used throughout to make distinction between each scene, and the music by Jack White was subtle yet complimentary to everything happening on set.

And the fairy tale ending left the audience smiling as the lights faded to blackout.

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