IN the past eight-and-a-half years as the MP for Salisbury, I have done my very best for all my constituents and always sought to support what I believed to be in the national interest.

It is simply not true for Mr Henry to argue in his letter to the Journal that Salisbury is overwhelmingly against the government’s deal.

If he could see my inbox, he would know that the city, like the rest of the country and Parliament, is very much divided on the matter.

I have always approached this issue pragmatically – I will support a deal that can demonstrate it can command a majority of the House of Commons and honour the 2016 referendum result.

I believe the withdrawal agreement does this, but I am acutely aware that some of my colleagues take a different view.

I will therefore be watching the debate with much interest over the coming days and continuing to use my position in Government to make ongoing representations of outstanding concerns.

MP John Glen