FAMILIES are invited to Stonehenge in February half term to put their archaeological skills to the test.

Between February 16 - 24, children can join the Awesome Archaeology team at the English Heritage site, in their venture to find treasure in a special outdoor excavation trench.

Facial reconstruction experts will be on hand to show budding archaeologists how to use any evidence they find to discover what ancestors may have looked like thousands of years ago.

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Additionally an exhibit showing the reconstructed face of a man will be on display, who was discovered to once walk the landscape, around 3600BC, which was before the stones were even built.

As well as digging for artefacts, visitors will have the chance to learn more about the people behind the creation of Stonehenge and how they lived each day during the Neolithic Age.

Awesome Archaeology will run each day from 10am - 4.30pm, and is included in admission to the site.

For more information visit the English Heritage website.