WE at the Journal have asked each of Salisbury's election candidates six questions relating to the hot topics surrounding politics - as well as a few human ones.

Here, Independent candidate King Arthur Pendragon gives us his answers.

If you're elected, what would be the first thing you'd do for Salisbury and its constituents?

The first, last and only thing I would do for Salisbury and its constituents, is to represent them. Not to represent this party or that. As the only individual free of party allegiance standing for Salisbury, I am uniquely placed to support what you want and oppose what you don’t, whichever side of the house it comes from. Send me to Westminster and we will do something totally unique, from the Salisbury constituency wherein lies the World Heritage site of Stonehenge.

We can send a Druid, and one who is unafraid to stand up to the Politicians. Send anyone else and nothing changes.

What has driven you to stand in this election?

Politics is broken, it’s not working, parliament in Westminster seems to me, to be spiritually and morally bankrupt. Hardly a day passes without another scandal breaking, and having watched our illustrious MP’s squabbling and constantly saying one thing and doing another and double crossing their supposed friends and allies and just as often as doublecrossing ‘us’ the people, I think it’s time for a change. In Druid circles, Nobody likes a Warrior, that is until the Enemy is at the gate. look around at the state of the Planet, then decide who you want to send to Westminster.

You have a day off in Salisbury. What would you do and why?

I can often be found walking the river path into town and doing my daily shopping in the city centre, buying local and British where possible. Most of my time is spent out at Stonehenge or engaged in other Druid duties, providing legal representation at public inquiries, and to the Stonehenge Tunnel Inspectorate. Preparing evidence and challenging Government agencies over rights of way issues on the Byways and Highways, b But when time permits I involve myself with local events, such as presenting and promoting The Druid cup at the local Rugby club or taking part and organising peaceful political marches and rallies here in Salisbury. You would hardly call me ‘a shrinking violet’ and if elected I would be just as visible.

What are your views on Brexit?

Brexit, Brexit, Brexit, like a stuck record it is all we have heard for the last three years. Boris would “Get Brexit done” but do you really trust him, and his cabinet with anything else? As for Labour who will do anything to not actually make a decision, or the Greens who like Labour are determined to take it back to another public vote, just like the SNP with their referendum. They seem churlish in their refusal to adhere to any answer they do not like. Or the Liberals, who would completely ignore the vote of the referendum by revoking Article 50. No, I voted remain but totally accept the will of the people. So if you want Brexit done and you don’t trust Boris, there’s only one person to vote for. Simples. Let’s get it over with and get on with the issues that really matter.

If there was one thing you'd change about Salisbury, what would it be?

The lines of vacant, once thriving retail outlets around town. Caused by excessive business rates and the greed of the mainly out of town landlords. Derelict spaces used by the poor souls made homeless by the austerity measures of the former governments. One way to encourage retail on our high streets is to bring down overheads another is to completely rethink how and what we buy. We should support Salisbury Markets and High street traders. My generation were brought up recycling, taking our bottles back for our pocket money, using paper rather than plastic bags, and did many things we are now calling for. Going to specialist shops to make repairs, rather than throwaway. Buying from local green grocers selling seasonal local produce. If it worked then it can work now. Not for nostalgic reasons, but for the very life of the Planet we call home. Think Globally- Act Locally.

Climate change and global warming is a major worldwide epidemic. What are your views on this?

They say, “a week is a long time in politics” well, I reckon a week is just as long time in the life of our planet. We were asked to write this piece last week and I’m betting that by the time you read this another story or report has broken about the climate crisis. Whilst the other candidates and their parties say what they will achieve by twenty thirty, twenty forty and twenty fifty, I say, do you really think we will make it without changing now? I am not interested in what they will do then, I want to know what you will do now. Elect me and I shall find out and hold them to it.

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