VOTING for the Salisbury Monopoly edition has opened - giving the public a chance to have a say on which of the city's famous landmarks should appear on the board.

To celebrate the announcement of plans for the new game, Mr Monopoly paid a visit to the city this morning and was given a tour, stopping at the guildhall to meet the Mayor and Mayoress of Salisbury.

From being punished for entering Salisbury Guildhall with muddy shoes to attempting to climb the cathedral's spire, votes are already being cast for what should be included, and the team behind the game already have a few ideas up their sleeves.

Salisbury Journal:

George Shrimpton, custom games executive at Winning Moves, said it is "fantastic" to be bringing the newest edition of the game to the city, adding: "We want the game to show what's great about Salisbury - this is for the people of Salisbury and the best things about their city.

"It was always a case of 'when' not 'if' we would do this edition."

Mr Shrimpton, whose favourite part of the board is the orange set, will be in the city for the next two weeks and encourages the public to vote for "key landmarks" that should be included in the game, adding that Salisbury Cathedral and the Medieval Hall have already been suggested.

The board will be themed in sets: from tourism to heritage, culture to shopping, hotels to sport, education to business, and charity to travel.

Mayor of Salisbury, John Walsh, said the cathedral and Old Sarum should be included on the board.

He added: "I am absolutely delighted that we have been chosen this year, as a local person I know this is a marvellous place and this will show to others that Salisbury is the place to be.

"Bond Street is one of my favourites as it is similar to what I aspire to have! When it comes out I'll be playing and trying to beat my son."

Votes for Salisbury landmarks and cards to feature in the game can be done so by visiting the Salisbury Monopoly Facebook page, or by emailing