"I don't understand how a car can get in that position."

The reaction of one witness to a bizarre crash in Salisbury city centre on Friday (April 30) spoke for us all.

A Ford Fiesta struck a parked red Golf on Crane Bridge Road.

It ended up stuck on two wheels, wedged against the parked vehicle, balancing uncertainly and causing a queue of traffic.

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Salisbury Journal:

Just before midday, police were called.

Officers arrived to direct traffic.

The force later confirmed no was hurt in the strange incident.

The vehicles were recovered from the scene.

A witness who drove past the scene at around 12.15pm said: "I was in the queue about 10 cars behind it.

"I didn't see it happen, I just saw a car up on its side.

"I was quite shocked, I don't understand how a car can get in that position."

Some Journal readers joked in reaction to the story that there should have been more social distancing between the cars.

But another onlooker said those involved were lucky there was not greater damage or risk of injury.

He said: "Lucky really if it had been a bigger car the impact on the driver would have been much worse."

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