THE electric vehicle rapid charging point on Brown Street is "broken beyond pair".

Councillor Mark McClelland, who is also Wiltshire Council's cabinet member for transport, waste, street scene and flooding, says it is one of a "significant number" across Wiltshire that have been assessed and found to be broken.

City councillor Atiqul Hoque called for the point to be fixed back in June.

Salisbury Journal: Cllr Atiqul Hoque by the charging point on Brown Street

The reason is that these units are beyond repair is because they were installed "a long time ago" - Brown Street's being in 2014 - and that technology has moved on, with the parts to fix them no longer manufactured anywhere.

Cllr McClelland added: "It's impossible to repair them."

'I appreciate this is frustrating'

Salisbury Journal: Cllr Mark McClelland

But he added that Wiltshire Council's Cabinet will soon be deciding on a new EV charging point strategy for the whole county, to replace existing infrastructure as well as expanding provision.

He said: "I have already given my comments to officers on the first draft. However, as this will be a major capital investment, it will need to be formally decided by Cabinet and then a procurement process will be undertaken, which will take a few months. It is not something I can fix overnight.

"I appreciate that this is very frustrating - I am just as frustrated as everyone who has written to me! But I can assure you that at the end of this process, we will have a much better network of EV charging points."

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