AS BROKEN electric vehicle charging machines continue to stand unfixed in council car parks, a resident has described this area of Salisbury infrastructure as “outdated” and “slow”.

Matthew Bird, who contacted the council at the end of last year on the matter, is urging the authority to update charging points around the city centre to improve Salisbury’s carbon footprint and tourism.

The 31-year-old said: “I wanted to try [an electric car] out and I was having such a wonderful time in London travelling back and forth, not having to think about where to plug it in.”

Living near Salisbury city centre, Mr Bird said: "Here it is just ridiculous, [the charging points] are slow and just terrible, and that’s the ones that are working.

"I’m really surprised that Wiltshire Council would allow this charging infrastructure which is just so outdated.”

Last year concerns were raised about broken charging points in Salisbury car parks, with Dr Mark McClelland, Wiltshire Council cabinet member for transport, confirming the machine in Brown Street is “broken beyond pair”.

Speaking to the Journal this week, Councillor McClelland said a workplace infrastructure survey is currently underway to “identify exact specifications”, and there will be arrangements for “the majority of charging units in the council car parks” to be replaced later this year, including those in the Brown Street and College Street car parks.

He added new schemes and trials will be launched “shortly”.

“We as a council recognise the need to support the move to more sustainable travel,” he said.

“Historically the car park electric vehicle charging points in Wiltshire have been managed by a private provider with maintenance funding recouped from their members.

"However, we are aware that a number of these machines have been unusable for some time and need replacement.

“Since the approval of a new electric vehicle charging infrastructure plan by cabinet members, we are looking to support private and public local partners with the provision of additional charging units and upgrades of those already in place. There will be new schemes and trials launching shortly.”

Mr Bird, who works in the entertainment industry, added: “Salisbury can be a bit lacking and slow with some things and they need to review their strategy, as 2030 looms there will be more demand for this.

"Salisbury has huge amounts of tourism so the council needs to get this right or it will affect the city, as well as the environment.”

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