WHAT is your favourite fact about Salisbury? 

We asked this question on Facebook and received hundreds of responses, some are interesting, while others are a little bit silly.

Below is a list of some of our favourites.

Rachael Newman responded with a musical fact: "The English Stradivarius made violins in Catherine St in the 18th Century."

John Davies chimed in with another great fact: "The clock in the cathedral is the oldest clock in the world" For those who wish to know a bit more, the 'Faceless Clock' at Salisbury Cathedral dates back to 1386, or possibly earlier.

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A cushty fact from Ian Webber is that: "Only Fools & Horses filmed here." Locations in Salisbury are especially prominent in the episode "A Losing Streak" which readers might remember is the episode where Del Boy faces off against Boycie in a game of poker. Lovely Jubbly!

Another historical fact comes from Paulie Beenz Ward: "It's home to one of the only four remaining Magna Carta documents." The Magna Carta was signed in 1215 by King John, and guarantees English political liberties.

Something many might not have even thought about is this fact from Helen Mary Robinson: "The street names are in white font with black background."

Douglas Walters said: "Sting lives up the road near Stonehenge." Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner CBE, better known as Sting, has owned a 16th-century manor house, named Lake House with his wife Trudie since 1990.

Some cultural heritage was pointed out by Jon Greenhalgh: "The pothole on Newbridge Road, Exeter St roundabout will always be there."

This wholesome fact from Louise Edwards warmed our hearts: "I met my husband there."

Do you have a favourite fact about our city? Let us know in the comments or joining the discussion on Facebook.