A museum in Salisbury is said to be haunted, with visitors hearing 'children's voices' and 'whistling' as they walk around. 

Husband and wife duo, Tony and Bev Ferguson, like to ‘debunk’ areas that have claims of being paranormal, and they even record the experiences for any proof.

Last week, the couple went to the Rifle Museum, a Grade II listed building in the Close, where there have been speculations of it being haunted for some time. 

They booked to join a last-minute tour of the Rifle Musuem, organised by Haunting Nights, a team of Ghost Hunters.

The Fergusons have been on thousands of ghost tours, but Tony has said that he would put the Rifle Museum in his 'top 20 paranormal experiences'.

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They were shown around by the caretaker - who was sceptical of the paranormal himself.

Mr Ferguson said: "Within the first hour of entering the premises, we heard children's voices and whistling, which we later discovered that the general public had also heard. These were caught on camera.”"

He added that the group on the ghost tour was a mix of believers and non-believers, and even those sceptical of the paranormal were hearing the voices. The children’s voices were heard by all at around midnight.

He continued: “On one occasion, whilst we were in the basement of the building with the general public, we heard a male's voice responding to many of our questions.

"When we mentioned the gentlemen's cause of death, there was a loud bang in the room which made us all jump - as it was that loud.” 



♬ original sound - Tony Ferguson Ghost Whisperer


He added that he later looked in the basement to find a source of the ‘loud bang’, but it could not be seen.  

The group also heard tapping and creaking, but Tony and Bev have debunked this to be due to the age of the building, rather than the unexplainable paranormal sounds that had been heard. 

The couple said that they avoided asking staff about specific paranormal claims that had been made prior the tour, so they could avoid being misled.

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Mr Ferguson noticed that a particular couple in the group, who had an army background, seemed especially drawn to by a spirit. The gentleman of this couple was “getting a lot of responses when he was calling out and asking questions in general".

He added: "We went down into the basement alone with the couple, where they got the shock of their lives when they heard a ghostly voice in their ears, speaking right next to them, making them jump."

The couple are planning to return with Ghost2Ghost Paranormal Investigators - Debbie Mcall and Emily Cowell - to ‘conduct experiments’ on the strange goings on in the Rifle Museum.