HERE are the cheapest petrol prices in Salisbury.

The AA has revealed that some UK towns and cities are enjoying petrol prices of around 10p per litre below the national average, creating a 'petrol postcode lottery'.

For the average family car with a 55-litre fuel tank, that's a saving of up to £7.48 every time they fill up.

Prices hit an annual low in July of 143.3p per litre for petrol and 145.6p per litre for diesel, yet prices have since increased by about 10p per litre in the past four months.

While the prices aren't nearly as high as in the summer of 2022 – when diesel was costing an average of 199p per litre at one stage – nobody wants to pay over the odds for the same product.

Using data from, we have compiled a list of the top 10 cheapest petrol stations in Salisbury.

You can view a map of the locations below:

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The top 8 cheapest places for fuel in Salisbury are as follows:

  • Tesco, Southampton Road - Unleaded - 152.9, Diesel - 160.9
  • Texaco, Wilton Road - Unleaded - 152.9, Diesel - 162.9
  • BP, Amesbury Road - Unleaded - 152.9, Diesel - 162.9
  • Shell, Churchill Way (Wilton Road) - Unleaded - 155.9, Diesel - 164.9
  • BP, Downton Road - Unleaded - 155.9, Diesel - 163.9
  • Shell, Wilton Road - Unleaded - 155.9, Diesel - 164.9
  • BP, London Road -Unleaded - 155.9, Diesel - 163.9
  • Esso, Southampton Road - Unleaded - 163.9, Diesel - 171.9

All information is accurate at the time of writing.