The Salisbury & South Wilts District Air Rifle Target Shooting Competition took place last week and the overall winners have been announced.  

On Saturday, November 11, Scouts gathered for the competition at Dennis Marsh House, on Westminster Road which is the headquarters of the Salisbury District Scouts.

The Scouts had ten practice shots, ten scoring shots in the sitting position and finally ten scoring shots in the standing position over a six-yard range with .177 calibre air rifles.

The top four scores from each team were counted in each category of the overall team, best team standing and the best team sitting. There was also an individual competition in each category.

The overall winners were the 1st Alderbury Team 2, followed by Bourne Valley Idmiston 2 in second and the 4th Salisbury (Harnham) in third. The best team sitting were the 3rd Salisbury and the best team standing was the 1st Alderbury.

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Salisbury Journal: 4th Salisbury (Harnham) in action4th Salisbury (Harnham) in action (Image: Scouts)

The overall individual best shot was a tie between Arthur Graham from the 4th Salisbury (Harnham) and Olivia Thorpe from 1st Alderbury 2 both scoring 185 out of a possible 200 points.

The best shot sitting was a tie between Clara Bullis of the 3rd Salisbury and Olivia Thorpe of 1st Alderbury 2 both scoring 97 out of a possible 100 points. The best shot standing was won outright by Arthur Graham of the 4th Salisbury (Harnham) with a score of 92 out of 100 points.

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The Scouts are also able to take a National Small-bore Rifle Association Youth Proficiency Scheme Qualification covering topics such as law, safety, equipment, range construction, basic shooting skills, sighting, scoring targets and competition shooting games. 

The course will finish with a final shooting test and a multiple choice test paper which determines the qualification gained. The four qualifications are; skilled shot, expert shot, marksman, and master shot and you receive a different badge for each.

By undertaking the course, scouts will qualify for the Scout Master-at-Arms badge.