THESE six people have been sentenced this week for crimes they committed in and around Salisbury.

Steven Bird, 32, of Hungerford Road, went on a crime spree with Alex Barber in Salisbury on October 9, 2022.

The pair damaged a bus stop to the value of £111.28, stole two metal poles valued £201.86 from Pickled Frog and broke a window in Iceland to the value of £436.58 before damaging a police van.

Bird was ordered to pay compensation in full and was fined £50 for each offence at Salisbury Magistrates Court on December 15.

Barber, 22, of HMP Exeter, was imprisoned for two weeks as the court deemed the offences so serious that only a custodial sentence was justified on October 20.

This was because of his record, the fact he committed an unprovoked attack of a serious nature, the group action and damage to public property.

Jack Jordan, of Blandford Road in Coombe Bissett, assaulted a member of staff in Sports Direct after they challenged him about shoplifting on July 31.

Shortly after leaving the scene on a motorbike, he was located and arrested.

Salisbury Magistrates Court sentenced the 20-year-old to six weeks in prison for theft and eight weeks in prison for assault.

Both of these custodial sentences were suspended for 12 months and Jordan was also ordered to pay £100 compensation and a £154 surcharge.

Glen Dolan, 40, of The Beeches, assaulted Daryl Mapstone, Matthew Christopher and police officer Myles Scott in Amesbury on November 4.

Salisbury Magistrates Court jailed him for 20 weeks due to the seriousness of his crimes.

The court said Dolan has "a flagrant disregard for people and their property".

He was also ordered to pay a £154 surcharge on December 15.

Gary Peter Ian Davidson, 36, of Hollybush Lane, was caught speeding along the A338 at Collingbourne Kingston in a Volkswagen Caddy on December 16, 2022.

The repeat offender has been disqualified from driving for six months and ordered to pay £398 at Swindon Magistrates Court on Friday, December 15.

Thomas Colsell, 21, of Bulford Camp, was banned from driving for 17 months after pleading guilty to drink driving in Amesbury on November 19.

Officers stopped the Seat Ibiza Colsell was driving, breathalysed him and found 60 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of his breath which is 30 over the legal driving limit.

On the same day, Colsell damaged a vehicle belonging to Wiltshire Police.

He was fined £276 and ordered to pay £85 costs as well as a £110 surcharge by Salisbury Magistrates Court on December 15.

Andrew Parr, 45, of Collins Court, threatened Matthew Robin Mctigue, intending to cause him fear of unlawful violence in Salisbury on July 1.

He pleaded guilty to the offence and was ordered to pay £295 by Salisbury Magistrates Court on December 15.