VICTIMS of the flooding on Ashley Road say they feel "let down" by the lack of support in the aftermath of this weekend's heavy rainfall. 

One man, who was renting a property on the road, has had to move out while repairs are carried out. 

The flooding at the Fisherton Recreation Grounds took place on Saturday evening (January 6) when the River Avon burst its banks, with parts of Ashley Road and both sides of Coldharbour Lane underwater.

The coach park and parts of the River Park project were also flooded, along with the allotments at the back of the properties on Ashley Road. 

The river water then began to spill into gardens and houses. 

Salisbury Journal: Ashley Road residents with Councillor Lynne BlackwoodAshley Road residents with Councillor Lynne Blackwood (Image: Newsquest)

Ashley Road resident, Josh Bennett 29, owns two properties located close to the river.

He had only just moved into the second property having spent five years working at weekends to do them both up. 

Josh said: “I was not informed. We had no alert. I had been working all day, just got home, and had ordered a takeaway and looked out and the patio was changing colour. It was as quick as that.

“We came out. I was concerned about the lady at the back and when I went to walk round to her, there was four inches of water.”

The bedrooms located at the back of his property were affected by flood water.

Josh said the carpets, the skirting board and the furniture is ruined, and wants assurances from the authorities that it won't happen again.  

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Salisbury Journal: Ashley Road with sandbagsAshley Road with sandbags (Image: Newsquest)

Josh’s partner Emily 27, said: “I feel disappointed and very let down. They might have known it was going to flood but didn’t let anyone know. We needed the road to be closed but that didn't happen."

Emily added: "As people were driving down here, the water was swishing back towards the house. That didn’t help but no one has said sorry."

Joe Spratt, 29 had just started renting one of Josh's properties but has had to move out.

He said: "We are ok, it's not ideal but we are with family."

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Salisbury Journal: Flood waterFlood water (Image: Newsquest)

Councillor Lynne Blackwood said: “There was no coordinated response. I wasn’t told about it. I could have helped in some way. I could have done something.

"It has got to be sorted. There must be a better response. This is not a once in a 100 years’ flooding, we are now in climate change. We have to think this could happen again."

Cllr Blackwood arranged sandbags for residents and for drains to be unblocked. 

She added: "People were also told to move their cars and apparently, were then given parking tickets.

"This has all been sorted. They just need to phone and explain and the tickets will be cancelled."

Council leader, Richard Clewer confirmed that anyone who was issued a parking ticket in the area of the flooding should not have received one and should raise this with parking.  

He said: "I was in Ashley Road this morning, I have been over to Britford to see the floods to try to get the full picture. We had a huge amount of rain and just have to be as prepared as possible. There may be financial support but we are still sorting this."