A flood warning has been issued for several homes across Salisbury and Ringwood with residents being urged to act immediately. 

The Environment Agency is warning that river levels are rising steadily on the Middle and Lower Hampshire Avon due to heavy rainfall.

Flooding may affect homes near the River Avon in Britford, Charlton All Saints, Downton and Fordingbridge.

More heavy rain is forecast on Wednesday, February 21, from 2am until 1pm according to the Met Office. 

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The Environment Agency says: "Flooding is forecast to affect locations near the Middle and Lower Hampshire Avon, with low lying land expected to be most affected, particularly around areas in Britford, Charlton All Saints, Downton and Fordingbridge in close proximity to the River Avon.

"River levels are rising. We will continue to monitor levels closely.

"Avoid using low lying footpaths and any bridges near local watercourses and do not attempt to walk or drive through flood water.

"Monitor local water levels and weather conditions. Consider putting your flood plan into action. You should avoid walking, cycling or driving through flood water."

The flood warning message will be updated at 5pm on Tuesday, February 20, or when the situation changes.