AN AUTHOR has revealed his latest book, 'Pop Idle' - "lifting the lid on 30 years on the bottom rung of the showbiz ladder."

Like hordes of others, Dave Dawson has spent decades crisscrossing the country as a solo full-time professional musician.

During his 30 years on the road, he has performed thousands of shows before tens of thousands of people, yet still remains one of the army of anonymous entertainers who literally sing for their supper, as part of the Never Ending UK Tour.

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From pubs to clubs, dives to luxury hotels, theatres to gardens, and hen nights to care homes, there’s hardly a live environment that he hasn’t encountered, enjoyed or endured.

Salisbury Journal: Dave dawson with his new book Pop IdleDave dawson with his new book Pop Idle (Image: Dave Dawson)

Along the way, he’s had brushes with fame and fandom, strippers and stalkers and crooks and colourful characters and has banked a wealth of experience at the brunt of the live music circuit.

In this, his fifth book, Dave takes the reader with him as he encounters the Great British Public head-on with only a microphone stand and an ad-lib to hide behind.

Alongside light-hearted and cautionary tales, Pop Idle provides an invaluable insight into the pleasures and perils that await anyone dedicated or mad enough to want to forge a path into the music industry at the bottom rung of the showbiz ladder.

Dave Dawson, under the pseudonym Dave Philpott, is the co-author of the cult comedy bestsellers, Dear Mr. Kershaw, Dear Mr Pop Star, Grammar Free In The UK and Dear Catherine Wheel.