THE Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon has addressed the "next to impossible" task of finding a replacement police station in Salisbury, stating that two possible options have emerged.

In a statement released on Facebook, PCC Philip Wilkinson said that High Post and Old Sarum are "attractive" options.

This is despite the High Post planning application being rejected for a second time in February. 

In his statement, PCC Wilkinson says that the High Post location would work well as it in on an existing industrial site, with plenty of access roads and in an ideal position between Salisbury and Amesbury.

He mentions that the site identified in Old Sarum, which is much closer to Salisbury, would be difficult and potentially face criticism due to complicated negotiations, and the fact it is based in a residential area.

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The possibility of upgrading and improving the site at Bourne Hill, has "not been ruled out", PCC Wilkinson added.

He mentioned how wherever the site eventually goes, there will be "as many who oppose it, as support it."

His statement reads: "Shortly after I was elected the residents of Salisbury and the South of the county, and the officers in Bourne Hill police station made me aware of the inadequacies of Bourne Hill as a police station.

"I knew that finding a replacement site of 4 to 6 acres within the City ring road that did not upset local city centre residents, and for which we could get planning permission, was next to impossible; as has proven to be the case.

"Having consulted with residents at a meeting in the Guildhall, we expanded our search. Policing Swindon has not been adversely affected by being out of town in Gablecross, and for Melksham, the station and its custody suite are well to the south of the town.

"Two possible options have emerged for the south of the County: High Post and Old Sarum. High Post is attractive because it would be on an existing industrial site, have easy access to trunk roads and is mid-way between Salisbury, which is expanding northwards and Amesbury which is expanding southwards.

"It is out of Salisbury, but as we made it clear to those who would listen, we would maintain an easily accessible office in the city centre.

"The Old Sarum option, where 6 acres are available is much closer to Salisbury but has been the subject of complicated negotiations and is in a residential area, which will make gaining planning permission challenging for both ecological and power supply reasons.

"All options remain on the table however, including improving Bourne Hill. We will keep looking, and clearly when we do find another possible site, we will seek the views of our residents.

"But I suspect that wherever we find a site, there will be as many who oppose it, as support it. As I have discovered, everyone wants a police station but, will strongly object if we suggest it might be close to them."