MEET Salisbury's very own master of millinery, who has made hats for the likes of Royals such as Zara Phillips.

Tara O'Callaghan is a woman with a passion for fashion. With "30-odd years of experience" designing and making bespoke hats for all sorts of occasions.

From bespoke gold straw pieces to intricate circled veils, Tara's range is truly versatile.

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"I've always had to wear hats because my skin is fair and I get sunburnt quite easily, they have always been a big part of my life," Tara told the Journal

"When I was younger I wanted to be a sculptor, and hats are just like sculptures, really. They're three-dimensional, and can be made in all sorts of shapes and styles, from a wide range of materials.

Salisbury Journal: Tara with some hats from her Architectural CollectionTara with some hats from her Architectural Collection (Image: Jo Sullivan)

"My mother used to make hats at college so I suppose she partly inspired me."

Tara has honed her trade in the intricate art of millinery for more than 30 years, after graduating from the London College of Fashion, she spent three years under the wing of Philip Treacy OBE, as an apprentice.

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Over the years, Tara has seen her work appear on the world stage, displayed on catwalks for the likes of Versace, Valentino, Chanel and numerous other recognisable names.

"I designed a gold lace hat which was worn by Zara Phillips, which people fell in love with, it was in lots of different magazines and that's when my career bloomed." She said.

"People saw her hat and wanted to see more pieces from the designer, that's when things became very busy."

Tara told the Journal how in the past, work could be "relentless," she said "There were many instances in the past where I would be working all the the night, stitching away, but now I'm back in Salisbury, things are much calmer."

Salisbury Journal: Some of Tara's hatsSome of Tara's hats (Image: Jo Sullivan)

Tara established TOCA, her own brand under Tara O'Callaghan Millinery, based in a studio at her home in Netherhampton.

"I've just released my new Architectural Collection, with hats that reflect my love for making sculptures, and they're all based on buildings from around the world. One is based on a Japanese temple, another the Taj Mahal. 

"Every hat I make is adjustable to fit different sized-heads, and most can be folded up or rolled away.

"I make hats for all sorts of occasions, weddings, summer, I've got the Ascot collection, which proves popular - as soon as the weather changes, it goes a bit bonkers."

Tara told the Journal how she is always happy to help with any hat-related conundrums which readers might have.

"I've got 30-odd years of experience and am always happy to help people work out what would suit them and what would work. It's important to find something that enables you to have fun - that's what hats are about."

Inspired by various international Hat Walks, including London and Barcelona, Tara's ambition is to bring a similar event to Salisbury.

"It's such a jolly idea, and it will get the whole community involved if we can pull it off. I've spoken with Hat Walk organisers and they loved the idea of bringing it to Salisbury.

"I'm a Salisbury girl, I'm a parish councillor, and I work at the local grammar school. It will be lovely to have something as fun as this in the city."

Readers can find out more about Tara by visiting her website