A SERIES of events in Salisbury have been announced to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day. 

Salisbury City Council and the Salisbury branch of The Royal British Legion are working in partnership on two events in Salisbury on June 6. 

On June 6, 1944, Allied Troops successfully landed in Normandy by Air and as part of the largest ever Amphibious Operation on GOLD, JUNO, OMAHA, SWORD, AND UTAH beaches. 

Nearly 1,500 British Servicemen lost their lives that day. The names of 15 men from Salisbury who died in the Normandy campaign are detailed on the South side of the City War Memorial, at the Guildhall Square.

Salisbury Journal:

City residents are invited to join a short service in the morning, and a more formal remembrance event in the evening at the War Memorial on the Market Square.

Details about the evening and information on of how to get tickets to the event, can be found here

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Bob Barwick, vice president of Salisbury RBL said: “June 6, 1944, stands out as a pivotal moment in WW2, the acts of heroism, bravery and sacrifice on that day are inspiring and are locked in the annuls of British History. 

“Alongside the International and National events, we feel it is important to provide an opportunity for Salisbury residents to come together and collectively remember what happened on this momentous day.”

At 8am, there will be a gathering at the War Memorial to hear the Town Criers Proclamation and for a short service of Remembrance. The timing reflects all the activity that occurred in the early hours of D Day.

At 6.15pm, a formal Remembrance event at the War Memorial will take place, led by the City Mayor with Deputy Lord Lieutenant in attendance.

Salisbury Journal: Salisbury War Memorial during the Remembrance Service in 2022

Councillor Sven Hocking the mayor of Salisbury said: “Salisbury recognises the great bravery, and in many cases the ultimate sacrifice, made by thousands of men on this day eighty years ago, many of whom were from our City. 

“We remember their courage with pride, sadness and humility in equal measure and pray that such an action will never be necessary again.”

In addition, on Saturday, June 8, The Royal British Legion will be hosting a Gala Dinner and Dance at the Guildhall to commemorate D-Day, with all money raised going to the RBL Poppy Appeal.