A brilliant video captured three historic planes zooming over Salisbury. 

On Tuesday, June 4, an Auster 5 NJ633 (G- AKXP), Auster 1 LB352 (G-AHCR) and Auster 5 TW519 (G-ANHX) flew over Salisbury as part of the D-Day commemorations.

The aircraft passed over Old Sarum at approximately 11.30am, from the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection (BDAC).

PHOTOS: Auster aircraft fly from Old Sarum as part of D-Day commemorations

BDAC will also be hosting a D-Day trail on site on June 6, the official anniversary date. At 7pm, they will have a service with Amesbury Town Band, a cadet display and lighting of a Lamp of Peace. 

On Friday, June 7 and Saturday, June 8, they will continue to host the D-Day trail, and talks will take place on the Saturday.